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In business since 1980, Ubiquity Distributors, Inc. wholesales over 2200 periodicals from around the globe to hundreds of stores spread throughout North America. These include an amazing variety of special interest, small press, unusual, offbeat, esoteric, and hard-to-find magazines that complement our line of better-known mainstream magazines. Many of these magazines are not available through local mass-market wholesalers. Our goal is to be an ally and advocate for alternative voices that need to be guided through the dense thickets of an increasingly commercialized marketplace.

We supply our periodicals to a broad array of retailers including general interest bookstores, magazine shops, newsstands, health foods stores, food co-ops, music & CD stores, grocery and convenience stores, museums, new age stores, women's bookstores and other specialty shops. Our focus is on independent stores as opposed to large chains. The bulk of our stores are located in the Northeastern, Middle Atlantic and Midwestern regions, given their proximity to our base in New York City, but we have stores in some forty states overall.

We pride ourselves on providing a high quality of service to our retailers as this is sometime in short supply in the magazine industry. We work hard to ensure that our customers get just the magazine titles the need with the proper quantities, that they are billed accurately with readable invoices and statements, that they get credited for the full value of the returns without annoying rejections, that mistakes are corrected when they are reported, and that they can quickly reach knowledgeable people on the phone who can answer their questions, adjust orders and fill reorders promptly and courteously. All this for an attractive discount and generous payments terms.

We offer publishers well targeted distribution so that their periodicals will reach only stores that are likely to display and sell their magazines, thereby minimizing waste due to returns. In addition we provide free promotion to enhance their marketability. We strive for excellence with a hands-on approach and respect for details so that your magazine gets the attention it deserves no matter how many or how few copies we order.

Through the years Ubiquity Distributors has proven to retailers and publishers to be a reliable, capable, and cooperative partner in furthering mutual business goals. We invite you to join our team.

UBIquity Distributors, inc. is a distributor of periodicals, magazines and publications.
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