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The Luxury Erotic Magazine

BASIC INFO:      Bipad#: 25090;     Cover Price: $15.00;     Frequency: 4x

SUBJECT CATEGORIES:  Erotica, Sexuality, Gender, & Nudism

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APPEARANCE:  132 pages per issue; non-glossy, 4-color color front cover; 4-color inside; 6" x 9"

JACQUES is a luxury erotic magazine that celebrates a return to the origins of the pulp title. It caters to a contemporary audience which yearns for the beautiful centerfolds of yesteryear. Each issue features edgy opinion, arousing interviews, and fiery fiction blended with unparalleled pictorials illustrating the real beauty of real women. The pictorials consist of photos of genuinely gorgeous girls never retouched, never airbrushed and shot exclusively on film. JACQUES's mission is to provide grown-ups with an alternative to the vapid men's magazines of today.

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25090 $15.00 4x    JACQUES
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