We use a variety of techniques to promote our magazines. We have three types of title lists that we periodically update and mail out to our customers. They an include the following: an alphabetical list of all our titles that specifies the quantities of those titles on order for each dealer; a list of all our titles grouped by subject category; a list of our newest titles as they are added to our line of periodicals; and a catalog with detailed descriptions of each magazine. On an ongoing basis we also mail solicitation brochures with our catalogs to stores throughout the country to develop new accounts. Another sales tool that has proven very valuable has been to disseminate promotional flyers that highlight a magazine and have an order blank area that our customers can fill out if they are interested in placing an order. Many retailers review and respond to these flyers. We regularly send notices to our customers to make them aware of our newest titles. Occasionally we will focus on a particular retailer and create a custom list of titles that we suggest that they add to their order.

Given the above marketing methods, you can help us promote your magazine by providing us with an attractive promotional flyer and writing an appealing description of your magazine for our catalog. In addition we suggest that you inform us of prospective customers anywhere in the country so that we can send them a solicitation brochure along with a promotional flyer for your magazine. Please provide us with the name, address, and if possible, the phone#, fax#, and contact names of any such stores. We recommend that you visit stores in your area and encourage them to set up accounts with us so that they can be supplied with your magazine. Let us know if there are any stores that you currently service directly that you would like us to handle in the future.

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