Promotional Flyers

We recommend that you create a promotional flyer which we can disseminate to our customers so as to encourage them to order your magazine. Our experience is that a flyer is an inexpensive yet effective method of advertisement that many of our publishers have used with demonstrable results. The virtue of a flyer is that it provides a systematic method for reaching all our dealers with a detailed and creative description of your magazine. The combination of text and graphics in a document solely devoted to your magazine forms a much stronger impression than a listing in our catalog. In generally, we can use about 150 flyers, but you should call us to find out the precise quantity that would be appropriate for your magazine.

A flyer is especially useful for those dealers who do not allow us to ship new titles unless they specifically request that we do so. Most of these dealers will not take notice of new titles unless they are presented with promotional material that will spur them into placing orders. A flyer is also helpful when we set up new accounts since magazine buyers are unfamiliar with many of our titles. Sending them a packet of selected flyers is an efficient way of acquainting them with those titles we think are appropriate for their store.

To assist you in designing a flyer we suggest that you:

  1. Indicate the name of your magazine in large, bold letters somewhere in the flyer so it is instantly visible. Also indicate relevant data such as the cover price, frequency of issuance, number of pages, format, cover texture, use of color, inserts like CD's or CD-ROM's, annuals and special issues published periodically, and whatever else might be of interest. A picture of your front cover stirs visual interest in the flyer. Choose a light colored front cover with sufficient contrast so that it will reproduce well on the flyer
  2. Include a boxed-off order area in the flyer, preferably at the bottom, which will serve as an order form. Provide instructions for the dealer to fill-in blanks with:
    1. their store name;
    2. their account number;
    3. the quantity they want to order;
    4. the quantity they want to reorder (if the title is already on order and they need more copies); and to return the flyer to Ubiquity.
    Make sure you specify your magazine name inside the box so if the dealer cuts it out like a clip-off coupon, we will know to which magazine it belongs. It is not necessary for the dealer to specify their address, phone#, or a contact name since we already have this information on file for them.
  3. Include a clear and straightforward description of the content and purpose of your magazine so that it will be readable and easily understood by the buyers at our stores. You should not restrict your description to the contents of a particular issue because we may use the flyer in the future when that issue has expired. The description should be written so that shopkeepers can determine to what extent your magazine is likely to sell to their customers.
  4. The flyer should consist of a sheet of light colored, standard 8.5" x 11", unfolded paper. A uniform size enables us to automatically collate and package a variety of flyers. An undersized flyer might not be noticed. An oversized flyer would be hard to file in a filing cabinet.
  5. If you should choose to send front covers to us, make sure you also send flyer stapled on top of it. Covers may be visually attractive, but they do not include a substantive description of your magazine and do not have an area where dealers can conveniently fill in their order. Without a flyer attached to covers, dealers are liable to improperly return them for credit as if they represented unsold copies.
  6. You are welcome to send us a copy of your flyer before producing copies so that we can review it and insure it is well designed.
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