Writing a Description of your Magazine

We recommend that you provide us with a description of your magazine that we can include in our catalog and post on our website. The description will inform our customers what you magazine is about and help them to determine whether it is an appropriate title for them to order.

When creating your description we suggest that you attempt to fulfill some of the following objectives:

  1. highlight the overall thematic focus or philosophy of your publication;
  2. summarize the various subject matters covered;
  3. point to its unique features so as to differentiate it from similar periodicals;
  4. describe the type of articles, graphics, and other material presented, using actual examples whenever appropriate;
  5. mention any inserts or extras like CD's and CD-ROM's.;
  6. cite any special editions such as annuals and buyer's guide that are regularly published by you;
  7. define the type of people who typically read your magazine, if this is useful to know.

Keep in mind that the description will be read by store owners and periodical buyers of varying education and background, rather than subscribers, advertisers, readers, or insiders, and should be designed with them in mind. Assume that they are not familiar with your magazine or the nature of the subject matter that it covers.

The description should be couched in straightforward language that is simple and direct in meaning so that it will be accessible to the average person. Use complete sentences that embody full thoughts and flow smoothly together, rather than a succession of choppy phrases. Do not make the description so short that it is vague or uninformative. Do not make it so long that the reader will resist following through to the end. Four to seven sentences, depending on the length of each, are usually enough. Shorter sentences generally work better than longer sentences. Your lead sentence is the most important one and should succinctly capture the main thrust or purpose of your magazine, so that even if the reader were to stop there, they would get the gist of what your magazine covers. The sentences following the first one should elaborate on the central theme with successive layers of detail. The last sentence should sum up what makes your magazine a worthwhile read.

The description should be written with an eye towards longevity. If it focuses exclusively on the contents of current or recent issues it will quickly become obsolete. It is acceptable to cite specific articles so long as they are used as examples of they type of material your magazine offers in general. Avoid hyperbole and exaggerated claims that have no descriptive value. The object here is to educate buyers rather than sell them on magazines that they cannot use and will later reject as inappropriate for their store. Avoid using unnecessary jargon, making arcane references, or listing personalities that are unlikely to be recognized. If you need to use terminology that is specific to your field, then explain what the words or phrases mean. Also explain the meaning of special terms or acronyms in the name of your magazine. Even if these meanings are obvious to you and persons who already are acquainted with your magazine or it's subject matter, they may not be obvious to periodical buyers and people viewing our website. Do not use pronouns as "our" magazine but rather speak of your magazine in the third person since the catalog is a Ubiquity publication. Do not send a hastily written or shoddy description. It will be useless to us unless we can quickly edit or rewrite it. If you value your own product please show it by writing an appealing description.

To assist you in this effort please read the sample description below:

CREATING KEEPSAKES magazine is a comprehensive resource for preserving and presenting life's precious moments in scrapbooks and creative journals. Full of ideas and projects that are easy and fun-to-do, it will appeal to enthusiasts ranging in age from toddlers to teens. Articles guide the reader how to organize photos in appealing displays, offering tips and tricks for designing lettering, borders, and layouts. A variety of archival products are introduced so you can decide what to use in your albums. As an extra bonus, each issue includes clip-n-keep backgrounds, borders, or die-cut templates, all ready to pop into place. With CREATIVE KEEPSAKES as a tool, holidays, family reunions, birthdays, summer vacations, and the magical moments of everyday life all come alive, for this generation and the next.
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