How to Report a Shortage or Overage

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When you receive a shipment from us you should examine the contents and make sure the count of merchandise matches the quantities shown on our invoice. You should immediately report to us any discrepancies, whether they are shortages, overages or price errors. You can do this by phone, fax, e-mail or online. We recommend that you double-check your counts before reporting a miscount since it is easy to make mistakes. One simple method for verifying accuracy is to count the total number of copies in your shipment and compare this number to the computer generated total shown on the invoice. Ordinarily they should be the same. However if you believe there is a shortage/overage, then the total number of magazines counted should be equal to the invoice total, adjusted by the presumed total for overages/shortages. If they are not equal then you have made a mistake and need to redo your counts or check in the merchandise again item by item.

Sometime dealers report improperly report shortages because they have difficulty matching up the names that appear on magazines with publication names that actually appear on the invoice. This may be due to a number of factors including:

  1. there is a special edition of a magazine that has a unique name for just that issue;
  2. there is a slight difference in names, although a link can be established with sufficient scrutiny;
  3. the name of the magazine was changed but the new name was not yet entered into our system;
  4. we used an incorrect title name on our invoice.
In all these cases there could be an offsetting overage of another magazine with the same quantity and cover price as the magazine thought to be shorted. The best way to clear up this problem is to compare any residual shortages and overages after all other magazines have been checked-in and determine if they correspond to each other. Look at the title I.D. code on the invoice, consisting of the bipad# and issue code, and try to match it up with the UPC# on the barcode of the front covers of any unidentified magazines.
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