Display Racks

If you are interested in purchasing magazines racks to expand your selection of magazines, or to upgrade your existing display units, you might look into contacting one of the companies listed below:

Diversified Fabricated Products
158 River Road, Clifton, N.J., 07014
Tel: 973-773-3189; Fax: 973-773-0262
Att: Mike Fessak

Diversified Fabricated Products manufactures very sturdy single column metal slot racks made of steel. These racks can be wall mounted with multiple units placed next to each other in a row. They comes in widths ranging from 4.5", 6", 7", 9", to 11" and have either 5, 10, or 20 vertical pockets with heights of 24", 38", and 65" respectively. The advantage of this design is that each magazine is stored in its own discrete space so that the display organization is better maintained over time. In addition the pockets are 1.5" deep so they can accommodate numerous copies, unlike display racks of similar design from other companies that tend to have shallower pockets.

Wagner Rack
2 Broad St., Clifton, NJ, 07013
Tel: 973-278-6966; Fax: 973-278-9514
e-mail: wendy@wagnerrack.com
website: www.wagnerrack.com

Wagner Rack makes a superb selection of large self-standing wooden display racks specifically designed for magazines. They have tiered rows that allow magazines to be overlapped in a given row, while kept separate from other rows, so that many titles can fit in a small space. The racks can be custom-made to fit your display needs and space requirements.

Siegel Displays
POB 95, Minneapolis, MN, 55440
Tel: 800-626-0322; Fax: 800-230-5598
e-mail: customerservice@siegeldisplays.com
website: www.siegeldisplay.com

Siegel Displays sells a wide assortment of magazine racks made out of wood, metal, wire and clear plastic. They are designed to be self-standing, rotating, good for countertops, or mountable on walls.

Hannecke Display Systems, Inc.
91 Fulton St., #3, Boonton, N.J., 07005
Tel: 973-335-0434; Fax: 973-335-1274
e-mail: info.usa@hannecke.com
website: www.hannecke.com

Hannecke Display Systems makes elegant rotating plastic spinner racks. The smaller version has four tiers, with 8 facings per tier, or 32 facings total, that can accommodate 5 copies per facing, or 160 copies total. The larger version has five tiers, with 12 facings per tier, or 60 facings total, that can accommodate 5 copies per facing, or 300 copies total.

Clear Solutions
Mailing Address: POB, 2460 West Brattleboro, VT, 05303
Shipping Address: 73 Monument Road, Hinsdale, NH, 03451
Tel: 800-257-4550; 603-26-6644; Fax: 603-256-8057
e-mail: info@cleardisplays.com
website: www.cleardisplays.com

Clear Solutions makes a variety of clear acrylic plastic display racks.

Mcmillin Manufacturing Corp.
3257 E. 26 St.
Los Angeles, CA, 90023-4287
Tel: 323-981-8585; Fax: 323-981-8588
Email: sales@mcmillinmfg.com
Website: mcmillin-mfg.com

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