How to Select Magazines for your Order

WEBSITE TOOLS: We suggest that you use the tools on this website to determine which titles would be good for you to order. For example, use the search function to view titles belonging to a specific subject category that would be of interest to your customers. Then click on any individual title to read a description of it and learn more about its appearance and other details. Since our website does not yet have descriptions of all of our titles you should give us a call if you need additional information about a particular title.

NEW ACCOUNTS: If you are a new account and you are not familiar enough with our titles, or you don't feel comfortable creating an order on your own, then we can custom make an order tailored to your store's needs. Just give us a call and request that we do so. First inform us of any titles or types of magazines that definitely want to order or that you do not want to order. Also advise us as to what type of customers shop in your store and what are their main areas of interest. You might consider filling out the summary of subject category headings form (see Print Catalogs) with the total number of titles you would like to order for each subject category and then we can the select individual titles for you. This guideline helps us select titles in proportionate number to your interest in the subject categories to which they belong

NEW TITLES: Periodically we notify our existing customers of our newest titles with an order form that lists them. You should fill out and return this to us with the desired quantities. You can also review our newest titles on this website which provides regular updates. On an ongoing basis we send promotional flyers along with our shipments that offer detailed descriptions of particular magazines, usually the latest arrivals.

ORDER SIZE: When determining how many copies to order for a given title you should take into account the cover price and frequency of issuance as these factors heavily influence sales. In general you are likely to sell more copies of a title with a longer shelf life and lower cover price than a title with a shorter shelf life and higher price. If you are unsure what quantity to choose, then it is best to order conservatively so as to avoid generating excessive returns. Just one or two copies may suffice for titles published on bi-monthly basis, or more frequently, and three copies for titles published quarterly, or less frequently. You can always increase your order later on and place a reorder to obtain more copies of the current issue.

MINIMUMS: There is no minimum order per title so you can place an order for a single copy of a magazine. This is useful if you want to review physical copies of unfamiliar magazines without being deluged by an excess of unwanted product. You can simply place orders for one copy each of these magazines and then cancel whichever ones don't meet your approval upon receiving them.

SPECIAL ISSUES: When placing orders make a point to include orders for special editions associated with the titles you have ordered but listed as separate titles. These titles typically include the words Special, Presents, Annual, Best of, Buyer's Guide, Guide along with the regular magazine name but are published less frequently than the regular edition. We often list these titles separately because the may have different bipad numbers on their barcode, they may cover different subject matter, and they usually are on sale for a greater duration. Generally speaking, you should order more copies of specials than for regular editions due to the longer shelf life.

PARTICULARITIES OF MAGAZINES: It is important to distinguish between titles that may belong to the same subject category or appear to be similar by virtue of their names, but which have very different audiences. Some publications are general interest consumer magazines, whereas others are focused on a narrower sub-group of people, and others are trade magazines that are of appeal to people that primarily have a professional interest in that subject. For example E: The Environmental Magazine is a general interest consumer magazine designed for the average reader; Earth First! is an environmental magazine for a politically motivated audience; Home Power is a more specialized magazine for homeowners with some technical know-how who want to become self-sufficient in energy production; Solar Today is a much more technical magazine geared for professionals in the solar energy field, and Nature is a highly technical magazine oriented to well-trained research scientists in a variety of disciplines, not just ecologists.

ORDER REGULATION: You should on an ongoing basis monitor how well the magazines on your order are selling and adjust your orders accordingly. There is no point in us sending you five copies per issue if you are only selling two copies on average. We incur greater shipping costs by sending excessive quantities and additional labor is required by both of us to process extra returns. You should cancel titles that are not selling and try to replace them with other titles that can out-perform them.

SPECIALTY STORES: If your store has a special focus then you may want to refer to the guide below which identifies the subject categories from our catalog that pertain to various store types.

Art & Design Architecture, Interior Design, & Homes; Art & Design (all sub-categories); Crafts (all sub-categories); Culture (all sub-categories); Film, Video, TV & Entertainment, Tattooing & Body Art
Computer Computers & Video Games; Computers - Misc.; Computers - Programming & Software; Technology & Communications; Science
Environmental Animals - Pets & Wildlife; Gardening, Herbs, Botany & Farming; Environmental & Nature
Foreign Africa & Afro-American; Asia & Asia-American; Ethnic; Foreign Language; Middle East; Judaism & Israel; Latin America & Latino-American
Gay & Lesbian Gay & Lesbian; Erotica, Sexuality, Gender & Nudism
Health Food Animals - Pets & Wildlife; Children's & Parenting; Cooking, Food & Nutrition; Environmental & Nature; Health; Gardening, Herbs, Botany & Farming; Spirituality; Religion & New Age; Politics - Communities; Psychology & Self-Help; Sports - Fitness; UFO's, Enigmas, & The Unexplained
Literary Literary; Publishing, Writing, & Book Reviews; Science Fiction, Mystery, & Horror
Music Music (all sub-categories); Culture - Lifestyle & Leisure; Culture - Pop, Fringe & Avant-Garde; Culture - Drug Culture
New Age Health, Spirituality, Religion & New Age; Psychology & Self-Help
Political Politics (all sub-categories); Conspiracies, Crime, Cover-Ups, Spying; Education; History & Archaeology
Science Fiction Comics, Fantasy & Cartooning; Science Fiction, Mystery & Horror
Travel History & Archeology; Regional, Local & Rural U.S.A. & Canada; Travel
Women's Women's; Children's, Parenting & Families

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