Revise your Order or Place a Reorder


If you want to revise your order or place a reorder ONLINE, then click on the "Magazines" category option and select a method for viewing our titles, after which boxes for entering quantities will appear. You can view our magazines in a variety of ways including the following:

  1. the newest titles added to our product line during a selected time range;
  2. all our titles in alphabetical order;
  3. all our titles in subject category order;
  4. all titles belonging to a selected subject category;
  5. all titles for which a specified keyword appears somewhere in the title name;
  6. all titles with a selected frequency of issuance which groups them according to how regularly they are published;
  7. any titles with a particular bipad#, the title I.D. number that appears in the barcode of the front cover;
  8. all titles that begin with a selected letter of the alphabet.
At any time you can view the orders/reorders you have entered by clicking on "Order Changes" which will also allow you to print a report of them or e-mail a summary directly to us.

When you place an order for a title we enter it in our system as a standing order, meaning that it is the set quantity we will ship you of any future issues unless an adjustment is made. The individual order quantity is referred to as the "draw" figure in the magazine business. Usually requests for new orders and order revisions are implemented within a few days after we receive it. We will send you a confirmation notice listing these changes in your next shipment. You should review this confirmation notice to see if there are any errors. If you increase an order we will automatically try to give you additional copies of the current issue equal to the increment in the order.

If you sell-out or are short of copies then you should communicate to us both how many copies you may need to reorder of the current issue, assuming it is not about to expire, and what the draw figure should be adjusted to, in the event that a permanent increase is warranted. If you forget to adjust your standing order when placing a reorder, you may run out of copies again in the future. Sometime our dealers know they want to increase or decrease their order by a set number of copies, but because they are unsure of the standing order, they are unable to specify what the new number should be. When this happens you only need to make clear that you want to increase or decrease your order by a specific quantity, as opposed to that quantity being the new draw figure, and we will make sure your order is adjusted properly.

We fill reorders with whatever inventory is available in our surplus stock. We have a large selection of magazines on hand at any give time so in many cases we will be able to immediately meet your needs, in which case the merchandise will be sent to you in your next shipment. If we are out of stock we will attempt to obtain additional copies, assuming the quantity is not negligible and the issue is not about to expire. However we cannot always guarantee that more copies will be shipped to us and done so in a timely fashion. This is because we are dependent on our publishers and suppliers and: a) they may be out of stock themselves or have less copies than we require; b) they may not perceive the reorder quantity as large enough to justify attending to it; c) they may be based in a foreign country and sending small shipments is too costly for them; d) they may delay in acting upon the reorder request; d) it takes time for shipments to get to us, a week or more in the case of distant sources of supply; e) sometime national distributors who supply us with multiple title are not cooperative about following up on reorders which they view as unimportant to them.

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