Shipping and Frequency of Shipments

In general we pay freight costs involved in shipping merchandise to our customers. However if the volume of magazines on your order is very small, or you request us to ship more frequently than your order size warrants, then we may tack on a shipping fee to your invoice amounts. For international accounts, we will ship to a domestic freight forwarder of your choosing at our expenses, however you will have to pay the freight forwarder for all additional freight costs between the U.S. and your country.

The frequency with which shipments are sent to your store is determined by the size of your order. Most of our customers receive shipments once a week or every two weeks. For smaller accounts we ship once a month or sometimes less, depending on the available inventory. For a few of our largest customers we ship twice a week. We assign a frequency code to each dealer so that shipments are automatically sent out on a regular schedule. Occasionally we may deviate from this schedule if the volume of magazines on hand is much larger or smaller than expected or for holidays. We periodically revise the frequency codes so as that shipping schedules are in conformity with shipping volume. Please notify us if it is important to you to receive shipments more frequently than is now the case.

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